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About Us

Established in 1976, Clayton Plastics has been specialising in plastic injection moulding, food- and non-food packaging for over 40 years. Our owner Sino Kingsun (SK) has had over 20 years’ experience in the plastic and moulding industry, working with many international companies including Ford, Cooper Global, and Great Wall Motors.


Clayton Plastics pride ourselves on:

  • Local Service, with all our materials sourced locally in Australia and local manufacturing at our site in Epping, Victoria.
  • Strong international connections with our Shanghai team, who are experienced in large scale bulk orders, producing and supplying millions of orders a year.
  • High quality products whilst maintaining a competitive price. Using the latest tooling and robotic automation allows us to reduce prices whilst maintaining the highest quality product.
  • Quick response times and face-to-face customer service. We get to know our clients and believe in strong long-lasting relationships.

Our services include:

  • Product development and design
  • Tool making
  • Plastic moulding


We provide customers have two manufacturing options to suit their needs. These include:

  1. Local manufacturing at our Victorian site in Epping. This option allows for our speediest delivery.
  2. Manufacturing in China at our Shanghai site for larger quantities whilst maintaining the lowest prices.

We believe in strong long-lasting relationships with our clients, and in our 40 years of business, we have worked together to meet the needs of the smallest bee keeping companies to some of the largest automotive companies in the world. Our staff have both the experience and skills to cater for a complete range of needs.


We have been dealing with Clayton Plastics for over 3 decades. They are responsive, reliable and now, with their global stakeholders, can help us scale up...

Jenny Stanley, Convenience Advertising (AUS) Pty Ltd

About 4 months ago my self and my business partner purchased 2 plastic insulated bee hives from a factory called Clayton Plastics in epping. To upgrade a couple of timber hives that were run down and no longer doing there job for our bees. They are a great design with the lock down sides and lid and foam insulated sides, and the slide out beetle trap. The sugar water reservoir that slides out from under the brood box is a great design. The supers have got air ventilation tabs that turn for more air circulation if needed the bees seem to work a lot better for great production in the hive and for the business. So we have purchased another 10 plastic bee hives to change over our new nuc's we have ordered in spring, if you are after something better in design and more productive than timber hive's give the plastic hive's a go......

Aaron King, Beekeeper, from Northern Star

The beehive was easily assembled with a good lid and base. The clamps hold it together very well, no need for straps plus no painting or maintenance. The bees have handled the very hot days through the summer very well and seem to be fine now the cold weather is here. I am very happy with the beehive and would highly recommend it.

Des O'Toole, Honey

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